Unite your team and harness the potential

Accelerate your business and become unstoppable!

Want to become unstoppable? To create, develop and deliver in time and on budget requires seamless cross-company collaboration. When combining the powerful tools within this collaboration bundle from SOLIDWORKS, you enable your team to do exactly that.

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Gain flexibility and unite your team!

All companies must collaborate both internally and externally, especially during the brainstorming phase. It's difficult to communicate effectively in distributed teams, particularly now that many people are working remotely. Communicating effectively and seamlessly when using traditional systems can be a huge challenge. Moving from an ineffective, unstructured brainstorm to an organized project plan, is challenging and slows down innovation cycles.

SOLIDWORKS Ultimate Collaboration bundle address these challenges and help unite your team!

Take control of work processes

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Accelerate your development process


Harness the potential of your team

The past year has shown that flexibility is vital for a company. To seamlessly connect people to ideas, data and solutions in a single collaborative and interactive environment is imperative. With this exclusive offer, your team gets all the tools they need to strengthen your design process and accelerate your product development in order to speed-up your time-to-market!

World-class CAD modeling

Access our industry-leading CAD solutions for design.

Solutions for the future

Embrace digital transformation in your engineering department.

Easy search and find

Spend minimal time in searching latest files.

Complete interconnectivity

Use connected tools to design, test, manufacture and manage your products.

Cloud-based teamwork

Share your CAD data, communicate and collaborate with others easily.

The choice is yours

Pick among the additional tools.

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